Never too late

jack-o-lanternĀ better late than never

We did it.
Pumpkin carving...
in November.

We had grand plans...
don't we all?

Sometimes I find myself bogged down with them.
An endless to-do list.
Fun activities for our family.

Then life, schedules, and work get in the way.
Before you know it Halloween is over and we are eating turkey.

We almost said it...
We will carve a pumpkin next year.
Well we did say it, but we did something different.

We carved it now...
in November.

Lit it up.
Put it out on the porch 
and admired it from the sidewalk.

Eva loved it.
She didn't realize that it was late.
That prime jack-o-lantern time had passed.

She just knew it was fun.
And taught me the real truth...

Fun is season-less.
  It doesn't have and expirations date.


Carri said...

Love this!

Adrienne said...

Yes! Love the joy-filled lessons these little ones offer!!

Alexis said...

So, so true! Thanks for the reminder. We have yet to carve our pumpkins, which are still displayed in our front yard with the Christmas lights on our house ;-) I think we will carve it tomorrow... because you are so right, fun IS seasonless especially to toddlers!

Kelly said...

Very well said!!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You guys are the best. I read this post this morning, and I've been thinking about it all day. Someday you'll tell Eva about this and she will appreciate it. How could she not? You put her joy ahead of any social norms, instead of putting off the activity until next year. The world needs more parents like you two!