Thank you for...

sunny days this week
frost making the world sparkly in the mornings

blocks and toys all across my living room floor
a wonderful husband who helps pick them up
babies getting bigger, healthy and strong

Christmas present plotting and planning
grandparents who spoil my babies
parents who, in turn, spoil me

Theodore drool kisses
finding my mommy-of-two groove
Eva conversations that always make me laugh

wrapping paper, bows and tape
Amazon shopping and free shipping
people who put up Christmas lights early

a big pot of soup in the fridge
freezer full of dinner fixings
big meals with our family

surprise Theodore spit-ups on the floor
finding Michaels feet in bed to warm up mine
Eva dressing up in goggles and rain boots

meal planning
new books to read
the ones that are unopened gathering dust

everything cinnamon-y
showers when I can linger and deep condition
Parenthood on Netflix

talking to my mom while I grocery shop
talking to my dad about good deals
knowing they are both just a ring away

a fresh new calendar to fill
writing Eva's third birthday on the first page

a nine year wedding anniversary a few months away
plotting a tenth anniversary trip - passport required
thinking about Michael's first "real" job

Christmas carols while folding laundry
Eva's excited squeals when she sees snowmen
traditions to keep and some to add

Theodore reaching for me to pick him up
snuggling as a family on the couch
and as a couple when the littles are sleeping

having so many things that I set a timer to stop 
being very happy right where I am today
love that comes in big and small ways
and how it multiplies over and over


Carri said...

What a great list! Happy thanksgiving!

Adrienne said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Kelly said...

It might be the post preggo hormones but your list has me tearing up. I am thankful for you friend, your way with words, your sweet family, and knowing we're in the trenches together! Happy Thanksgiving xox

Julia said...

Your posts are always so thoughtful and beautiful. This one is especially sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...