A Date

holding hands in the car
ice creams

Just me and him.
It has been half a year...

Long talks in the car and holding hands.
Taking our time at Ikea.

We ate lunch and dessert.
We bought a big big-girl bed for Eva.

We looked around a maybe neighborhood...
plotting and planning for the next step.

Went to the grocery.
We end up there on dates a lot.

Then we went to dinner.
One of our old favorites from med school days.

Asked for a table for two and ended up sitting at the bar.
No kids menu required.

Thanks mom and dad.


Janette said...

Oh my word! Ikea has THEE BEST ice cream! And your trip sounds delightful.. I like reading about blogger's "little things" that make them happy.. know what I mean?


Sandra Kohlmann said...

You most definitely deserved some time off from the mom and dad gig. Glad you two got out for a date, even if it involved grocery shopping!

tinajo said...

That´s sweet - enjoy! :-)

Adrienne said...


Carri said...

What a great date! Can't wait to see what you bought!

Stephanie said...

There is nothing better than an IKEA cone after shopping. It's the only way I can get Avery in the door. : )

Julia said...

This is so sweet. I wish we had an Ikea close by so I could try their ice cream!