For later

Eva Horrible 3's.psd

I am having a great big preview of my future lately.
They call it: the terrible twos - almost horrible threes.

I think it should be called...
the crazy, tiny, psychotic, angry, pre-pre-pre-teen.

There has been a lot of limit testing.
Screaming, running, hiding under the dining room table.
Stomping, door slamming, dirty looks.

On a really bad day...
hitting, kicking
and having "accidents" at nap time on purpose.

The funny thing...
when I am not super angry and I can laugh about it...

She doesn't lie.
She doesn't know what a lie is yet.
She is incredibly crazy and honest at the same time.

Why did you potty in your bed Eva?
Because I don't want to nap.

Eva, are you doing what I asked you to do?
Nope mommy, I am not listening to you right now.

Why are your feet wet?
Because I put them in the toilet.

Did you listen in school today?
Almost, sometimes I did.

So I will keep them here...
I think we will appreciate them more later.

and then, she {snapped}


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness. I'm glad we're not the only ones. C likes to roar at me when he's frustrated these days. He's a piece of work ;)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Ha! Why are your feet wet...
That is hysterical.

At least you know why Eva is having "accidents." Veronica has been pooping her pants once or twice a day for a week now. I can't figure out why. She went a solid three months without doing that, now it's happening again and again. Ugh!

I wish you many more good days than bad.

Rachel said...

She is SO beautiful. Makes all the frustration worth it when you look at that face, doesn't it? :D

I love the honesty stage! One of Hannah's is similar to one of Eva's:
"Hannah, why are your hands wet?"
"I fell in the potty."

Too funny!

Carri said...

Love that she put her feet in the potty...priceless

Erin said...

Oh, I am with you!! The reasons they come up with are hilarious when you don't have to actually deal with them - a few months ago I asked Annie why she peed in her undies and she responded "because I wanted a new pair with flowers on them" OKAY THEN!

Emily S said...

This must be going around. We had lots of tears in our house yesterday, and they weren't mine!

rachel said...

Oh my gosh. Thank GOD. It most definitely must be a phase then because Charlie has been doing the EXACT same thing. Just this morning I texted Heidi "when did my kid turn into a brat?"

Julia said...

Yes. I feel like 2.5 is a rough time, man!

Nikki said...

I just love that they can't lie. It makes it so funny when you busy them doing something and they just tell it like it is. Good job getting it written down to remember.