Big Big

big big girl bed

If converting the crib to a toddler bed was big...
this is really big.
BIG big as Eva would say.

A twin bed, lofted up high.
A starry night canopy with some festive lights.

I was worried about her being aloft.
I saw bumped heads and broken bones in our future.
I was out voted.

Her daddy loved his bunk bed.
And he was right...
Eva absolutely loves hers.

And she climbs in and out like a pro.
No need to worry.

In the photo she is reading a story to her Chetchy.
Putting him down for his nappy.

What doesn't show in the photo...
her patting his back and singing a lullaby.
And saying - Goodnight Sweetheart.


Lish said...

Awesome!!! My husband wants to get our little guy bunkbeads and I have been worried about the same thing...but secretly knew they would kinda love them...so ya, maybe one day ;) Love this one, IKEA, right?

Carri said...

I was nervous too! But she looks so happy!

Adrienne said...

My kids were together in bunk beds til melissa was almost 10 and jer 7...nothing as magical as this! Their fort involved many combination of sheets and blankets hanging from the top bunk so they could hide/scheme/play in the bottom bunk! I love that she's creating her own little world up there...her own cast of characters, her own stories!