Half Birthday

TB 6 mos
Six months.

You have become my chubby little man.
Rolls and double chins.
Creases that require extra attention during diaper changes.
Really, I know right!

You are kinda sitting up.
Kinda army crawling.
Definitely rolling across the floor and back again.

You have two teeth.
Before today, you had never bit me before...
emphasizing the before today part.
(You can kinda stop that - it be great.)

You are so charming.
A sly half-cocked grin.
Dimples and sparkling eyes.

You are a crappy sleeper.
I mean really, really bad.
 You wake up at least twice a night... 
more often three or four times. 

It is easy to be mad...
when I would rather be sleeping.
Need to be sleeping, teetering on exhaustion.

When I finally get up...
 I turn around and pull my tooshie out of bed behind me...
and I am greeted by a smiling squealing giggly baby boy.

I want to be mad, but I can't...
because you make me smile.
Completely sleep deprived, blurry eyed, barely functioning mama.
You make me smile.

You are a laughing guy.
All the time...
smiles and almost toothy grins.

Being the recipient of those grins...
it is the best.

Happiest Half Birthday Theodore.

TB 6 mos web.jpg


Stephanie said...

Oh my word, look at him! He looks so much like his sister!

tinajo said...

Wow, how fast it goes - he´s adorable! :-)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

He sure is cute. With that smile, I think it would be impossible to be mad. I hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon!

Adrienne said...

oh, good morning bright eyes!! You just made my morning merry!

Julia said...

Agree with all of this---the wanting to be mad about crappy sleep but CAN'T. And he is just so stinking cute, Nessa. It's too much.

Also (two for the price of one comment), that big girl bed below is amazing. I want one for myself!!

Kelly said...

He is going to be a heart breaker ;)

Nikki said...

Can't believe it's been six months already. Crazy! He's adorable.

Lora said...

so adorable!!