tree in the window
great lights on a house
snow and Eva

Seeing our tree in the window when we pull in the drive.
All lit up and happy.

Driving around all the neighborhood blocks seeing the lights.
Thank you house around the corner that went ALL out.

We had some snow and we took advantage.
Making foot prints and snow angels before it made us too cold.

Not pictured...
Singing along to Christmas carols.
Toddler choosing presents for the people on your list.
Bread and cookie making.
Present wrapping.
Party and merry making.
List making and checking off.
Car loading.

Good stuff.
Merry Christmas.


tinajo said...

Good stuff indeed - enjoy! :-)

Nikki said...

That house is awesome. We may have to drive through your neighborhood tonight. Merry Christmas. Let's get together one day this week. Are you free Thursday morning?