sleepy sick Theodore

We caught it.
It seems like almost everyone has it.
My mom called "it" the crud.

Coughy, achy, fevery, snotty badness.
In your nose, head and chest.
Cruddy crud.

Our days have been spent soothing and snuggling.
Wiping teary eyes and runny noses.
Puzzles, books and extra TV time.

Michael was scheduled off for New Years.
It has been so great to have daddy home.
Extra arms to rock and hug.

Eva got it late last week and then Theodore.
Crackling coughs and little wheezes.
Seeing them so sad is the worst.

Exhausted but too sick to sleep well.
They are up more often through the night...
and when they aren't I am busy checking on them.

Watching them sleep.
 Counting their breaths.
Stroking their hair and kissing their cheeks.

Tonight my throat is sore and I am achy.
Sipping tea and willing it away.
Mommies can't get sick.


Adrienne said...

One word. Zicam. It saved my week. Another few words...wishing you miraculous rest!

Emily S said...

Good luck. We've had it at least twice now, and it is not fun, rest your eyes and your body when you can!

tinajo said...

Sorry to hear that, it´s no fun when you get illness in the whole family! Hope you´ll recover soon!

Nikki said...

Hang in there. There's nothing worse than helping the whole family fight it off the. Getting it yourself.

Kelly said...

Mommies definitely don't have time to get sick :/ hang in there and feel better!