TB 7 mos teeth web.jpg

Little Mister.
Seven months.

I just want to get one thing out in the open.
It is not okay that you get over a half way a year old...
and your sister turns three almost the same week.

Not okay.

But back to you, Theodore
You are great.

...laugh like an old man that smoked a pipe for decades.
...are so close to forward locomotion, so very close.
...love LOVE food.
...prefer your mama if I am near, but are okay with any good set of arms.
...have two of the cutest teeth, who's time alone seems to be growing short.
...will not sleep through the night.
...are the happiest baby at 3:30am - it should be illegal.
...love watching your sister and laughing at her silliness.
...get so flirty with your dimples and blue eyes - old ladies swoon at the grocery.

Back off ladies...
he is all mine for a while!

TB 7 mos grin web.jpg


Julia said...

stop being so adorable, little man. Happy 7s!

tinajo said...

He´s so sweet your little one! :-)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

It really doesn't seem possible that he's already 7 months old. It feels like I was admiring your most adorable baby belly, blinked, and here he is, such a big boy already! Theodore is ridiculously cute, especially with those little teeth!

Emily S said...

Oh my goodness, Nessa, look at him! He's like a little kid now?! How did that happen! And to think, I'm in the process of planning a one year old birthday party...I can't hardly stand it!

Kelly said...

7? No. That's not possible...He is so handsome. Does he have a hint of red up top?

Olivia Grace said...

What a handsome little man! He is precious!

misc.alaina said...

He is so handsome! Happy 7 months!!

Nikki said...

What a cute pic. Has it really been that long already. And the girls turning three is stressing me out.

Stephanie said...


He SO CUTE! What a handsome little guy!

Seeing Each Day said...

Gorgeous photos - look at the catchlight in those eyes (something i rarely manage) . I laughed in turn about your description about your little one's laugh ! And I absolutely agree that they should both be in trouble for growing up too fast - send them to their rooms for time out immediately.