shadows and puddles

TB shadow web1.jpg

TB airplane shadow web.jpg
whoa! whats that

tb find shadow web.jpg
going to catch it

tb shadow gotit web.jpg
Did you see that mom?

It has been a sea of gray and gloom outside recently.
But we had a one day of bright sunshine...
and Theodore found his shadow.

See it, fly like an airplane in excitement,
Catch it, and then look at me in amazement.
This went on over and over for about 20 minutes.

I love that airplane move.
Legs and arms going 1000 miles an hour.
And that chicken fuzz...

I could pass on the drool.
I find his trails and puddles all the time, in my socks.

He learned out how to blow a raspberry last night.
So now instead of a drippy faucet...
he can also be a sprinkler!


Adrienne said...

Bright eyed and curious!

Carri said...

What a great moment!

misc.alaina said...

So precious! I sure do miss those early days of baby discoveries!!