Eva finger 3 web.jpg
Eva 3 head in hands web.jpg
EB candles 3 web.jpg
Eva 3 smiles birthday web.jpg

Three years.

We celebrated for three days.

Goggy and Poppy.
Light up pillows.
New painting toys.

Grandma and Grandpas
Donuts with sprinkles.
Tutus and necklaces.

Mommy and Daddy
Pasta with white sauce.
Marble tracks.

Now you are in bed...
and your daddy and I are being sappy and reminiscing.

EB baby web.jpg



Julia said...

Gave me chills reading this. In a great way, obvi. What a sweet, blessed, precious girl. Happy Birthday, little lady!

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Eva. I can't believe she's three already. That second picture is fantastic. How about this for reminiscing, we just watched the NBC story they did on the girls two winters ago. They are so tiny!

Janette said...

Awww! Those pigtails!!! Soooo adorable! Happy Birthday little one!

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tinajo said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl - she´s adorable! :-)

Emily S said...

Awwww...happy happy birthday!!

Adrienne said...

Pigtails. Three fingers. Sappy. Sounds about right to me!