Being a mom

sleepy man

Theodore is on the upswing.
We are getting little bits of our smiley guy.

But the nights are still rough.
Sleeping is fitful and intermittent.
I am pacing, bouncing and soothing, praying for him and me.

What is about sickness that makes it grow larger at night?
Like the moon has a pull on the pain, making it sharper.
The night sky making in burn and flash brighter.

Against the quiet of the sleepy world...
his cries seem louder, lonely and so sad.

My tired eyes making the edges of the world blurry.
Soothing lullabies broken by long yawns.
I just want sleep.

Then, the combination works...
the fever reducers, the rocking, the kisses and twinkle twinkle little star.
His body that was strung so tight, releases.

Closed eyes flutter open one last time...
just to make sure I am still there.

And the fact that I am there...
it is the only thing he needs now.
His mommy.


Stephanie said...

Oh my word, this is so SO sweet. Avery was sick last week, and it was rough, but kind of nice to get so many snuggles and so many loves...such a gift, even though they're sick!

tinajo said...

Aww, I hate when they are sick - they get so helpless. :-( Glad he seems to be improving now!

Rici Reid said...

Beautiful my sweet friend! And you talk about needing wipes when you read my stuff...Oh my! This. Just this.

Seeing Each Day said...

What an eloquent piece of writing - and heartfelt. Glad that your little one is on the mend although you must be so tired. Renee

misc.alaina said...

Poor guy! That photo is just precious. Will has been sick too, and we have been enjoying the extra cuddles! Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is one of our favorites!

Mallory Musing said...

Beautifully put. I hope your handsome little man feels better soon and that you get some well deserved sleep.

Julia Goolia said...

beautiful. love.