zoo trip
daddy at the zoo
sick Theodore

At the start of the week, it was warm and sunny.
Knowing it wasn't going to last - we had snow yesterday - we took advantage.
We headed to the zoo.

We met our new polar bear...
 and saw how big our baby elephant has grown.

Theodore slept almost the entire time.
He wasn't his normal smiley self.

I knew something was up...
About 2 am we were up with a raging fever and sad little guy.

Fast forward another night and still fussy and feverish.
An early morning trip to the doctor and we hit another milestone.
First ear infection.

So we have been sleeping on mommy.
Taking our medicine and feeling pretty miserable.

Today, I got my happy little man back...finally.
Eva was really glad to have him better.
She shared her toys - even her favorites - without me asking.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

That taxi picture is killing me. Could Theodore be any cuter? I'm so glad he's feeling better. He's lucky to have such a great big sister!

Emily S said...

Oh, no fun! Glad he is doing better! We've had stuffy noses and lots of snot! My little thumb suckers been a little crabapple too, but hopefully the worst is over!

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, these photos are ADORABLE! Her bangs are the cutest!