TB sink bath web.jpg

TB first sink bath web.jpg

This is when I admit some truth.
Theodore hasn't had many baths.

He had plenty of sponge baths.
Naked wipe downs with a wash cloth.
A good layer of lotion applied head-to-toe.

But real baths...
very,very rarely.

I am not exaggerating...
I really mean rarely.

As in...
you-can-count-it-on-my-fingers-leaving-out-my-thumbs rarely.

I also have no photos of his first bath.
Not a single one.
or of his second, third, or fourth.

Theodore hated the water.
He screamed like someone was setting him on fire.
He even cried when he was close to the bathroom and the water was on.

It would take both Michael and I to do a Theodore bath.
One to hold his failing, arching, hysterical body.
The other soaping and rinsing as fast as they could.

Then, like magic one day...
we didn't have any tears.
He had a complete bath in the sink and he even almost smiled.

He is eight months old...
But he is no longer our stinky boy.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Those pictures are so sweet. My girls hated baths, but they were such spitters, that we couldn't get around them. It was miserable. Now that Theodore is okay with baths, it's going to be a blink, and he's going to be giggling and splashing everywhere!

Carri said...

Ha! I never would have guesses...yay for happy baths

Alicia said...

that's crazy...my kids loved the water! glad the little sweetie's coming around :)

Seeing Each Day said...

Oh yes, been there, certainly understand that - with both of mine. So pleased that this is now (for the moment - again, both of mine went through 'stages') a happy time for him and an easy time for you. Renee

tinajo said...

Good for him - my oldest cried like a maniac when we tried to give him a bath and as I recall it took a long time for him to appreciate it too. Now however - I can´t get him up from the bathtub OR the ocean! :-)

Mandy Ford said...

This is too cute. Yay for happy baths!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my Influential Women post! I hope to meet you in September! (we aren't too far apart...I'm in Richmond, IN!)

Ashley said...

I can so understand this! Baby girl HATES baths, so I've resorted to taking her into the shower with me. It's comical to say the least :) You do what you gotta do, right?