EB dancing web.jpg

We spent the morning playing and lunching.
(Well I was lifting, helping, slide spotting and feeding.)

The house is clean-ish.
As soon as Theodore lets his eyes close...
 both littles will be asleep.

It is Friday.

Right now, I have my calendar open to May.
I am plotting and planning the garden.
Marking the best days for seeds to start to be seedlings.

The sun is shining and we are dancing our way into the weekend.


Kelly said...

Happy Weekend friend xoxoxo

Nikki said...

And what a beautiful weekend we are going to have! Enjoy!

Adrienne said...

We danced our way into the weekend last night too - but there was no one nearly so cute at our dance party!

Rici Reid said...

Love it! We jammed out as well!! Can't wait to put on some jams in a mere ELEVEN days!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!