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At the beginning of our vacation...
we had the greatest opportunity ever.

Eva got to meet her penpal Teagan.

Way back when Eva was 7 or 8 months old,
Teagan's mommy emailed me and asked if I was interested in being pen pals.
I was like, "Heck ya I am!!!"

I haven't mailed as much as I would like.
There have been things that I have meant to send and never did...
An Easter basket from last year never did make it...

But there is something in knowing that someone is out there thinking of you.
Someone cheering you on and raising you up.

Teagan may be Eva's pen pal...
but her mommy is my friend.
My real - I hugged her tight and rocked my baby in her rocking chair - friend.

And this photo defines it all.

Mommies trying to wrangle a preschooler photo.
Preschoolers being their crazy selves...wanting to dance and sing.
(Eva is pouting because I am holding her, and Teagan is trying to wiggle away.)

And mommies smiling and laughing.
It is good stuff.


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Adrienne said...

What a fun idea!! I remember having a pen pal growing up....and I am a huge fan of snail mail!

tinajo said...

I´m glad for you, you look like you had the best of times! :-)

Rici Reid said...

Love you sweet friend!! Can't wait to hug your neck again! Longer next time for sure!!

Anonymous said...

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