When it rains

MBV 13 umbrella EB web.jpg

When it rains, it pours.

I have been hearing that a lot lately.
And I have been feeling that a lot lately.

The good stuff.
The bad stuff.
The even better than good stuff.

It all seems to be coming in great big storms.
It is raining buckets and I am soaked.
I am finding myself falling behind. 

I have a half dozen piles of laundry...
and a basket that I am still on the fence on if it is clean or dirty.
Dishes in the sink and some major organizing needing done.

The weather, excluding today, has us outside until bedtime has come and gone.
Dusting ourselves off and soaking up the vitamin D.

I have books I want to read, friends I need to write and voices I want to hear.
Family to visit, places to go and errands to run.
I have pictures to edit, photos to take and post to catch up on.

My sewing machine has been begging.
The garden is calling my name.
And my littles are growing faster than I can stand.

I am spending more time in the kitchen.
More time breaking a sweat.

This blog world can be so many things.
Bringing you closer to people you would never meet.
Teaching you things you might never learn.

But it also a lot of maybes...
Maybe I will make that recipe.
Maybe I will try that cleaning tip.
Maybe I will meet her someday.

EB umbrella MB 2013 web.jpg

Right now I am going to have to pass on the maybe's.
I have way to many sure things coming my way.

I am going to keep posting.
I think the chronicles of our not-so-exciting life will be a great thing for my littles.
I already love reading old posts.

But not really reading as much if at all.
And not saying hi as often.
Not because I wouldn't love to...

But because there are paper books to read.
Plants to tend to and grass stains to be made.
Clothes to fold and to be passed on.
In-the-flesh family and friends to call, write and visit.

Because Eva's pants are growing too short and Theodore has six teeth.
We have rain walks to take and puddles to jump in.
In this busy rainy season, I need to keep getting wet.


MommaBBabyboy said...

This, is just perfect.

Kelly said...

Once again. Perfection. Love you friend xoxo

Julia Goolia said...

I totally get it, TOTALLY. Will never blame you for not commenting on other blogs and I'm glad you will continue to post.

Great post, as always, girl.

Emily S said...

I think we all get it. Days outside, days playing, days cooking, those are the days.