park cuties

I have been off the grid.
Honestly, it has been pretty nice.

Bike rides, bubbles, chalk art all over our driveway.
Trips to the park, trips for ice cream.
Trips to visit friends.

We have been hanging out with Goggy and Poppy.
Playing with their cool toys and eating lots of cookies.

I have been spending nap time getting my sweat on...
two weeks straight and I can feel it.

I am going to be back dating posts like a mad woman.
Lots of photos and little words.
Just keeping the memories somewhere.

Memories of Eva saying...
Marshmallows make my whole life happy!
Or Theo taking his sister down for the count over a toy.
I am not sure what was better, his accomplished face or her shocked one.

I can't forget those.


Hanna said...

Sometimes getting off the grid is the best thing you can do. I often find myself taking a mini hiatus from all social media. It can be rewarding and refreshing! Like power naps in college - LOL!!!

Adrienne said...

Looking forward to the pics - keeping those memories matters! Glad you are enjoying your little ones and spending time on YOU!

Kellie said...

Way to go with the sweat! You got this! And what girl would disagree that marshmellows make our whole lives happy? Right on Eva monster!

tinajo said...

Eva knows the important stuff, that´s for sure! :-)

Anonymous said...

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