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This photo has been my favorite for a long, long time.
Almost a year now.

The three of you,
all the love
and the Elvis face.

That is greatness.

But for you Michael...
the dad part of it all.
Holding two.
Protecting two.
Entertaining two.
Loving two.

As our days seem shorter
and our nights of sleep almost disappeared.

There you are...
and loving.

Most importantly...
shaping and building the best little people I know.
Growing them into big people that we will be amazed by.

For all of that an a lot more...
You are the best father I know.
Happiest Father's Day.

DM TB web.jpg

To Poppy.
Grandpa Don
and, for me at least, Dad.

It took me being a mom.
Seeing you with Eva and Theodore
Making their days magic...

For me to really understand and appreciate
how great and important it is to have grandparents.

Seeing my babies light up, knowing we are going to their Goggy and Poppy's.
Having wonderful people in this world that love them as much as I do.

I can't put into words how amazing that is.
How much it means to us.

So thank you dad (and mom).
It means more than you know.


tinajo said...

Lovely post, your kids are lucky to have them! :-)

Shalini said...

Beautiful :-)