EB rain play web.jpg
EB dancing rain web.jpg
EB rain close up web.jpg
EB feet rain web.jpg

We have been...

dancing in the rain.
picking strawberries.
behind on laundry.
playing with grandparents.
eating ice cream.
soaking up daddy.
watering our plants.
taking walks.
signing contracts.
riding bikes.
learning to walk.
grilling dinner.
planning a birthday.
plotting vacations.

Enjoying Life.


tinajo said...

Sounds lovely - and she´s a beautiful girl! :-)

Adrienne said...

All that does sound lovely...and this sweet girl just brings a smile to my face!! Also...signing contracts sounds intriguing!

Julia Goolia said...

learning to walk!! Planning a birthday!!

Love it all.

Kelly said...

Sounds like life is good at the moment! Enjoy sweet friend xoxo

Mel said...

can't even tell you how much this makes me miss ohio summers. lovely!