the usual

EB drinking sprinkler web.jpg
TB sprinkler sparkle web.jpg
TB bite hose web.jpg
EB yell sprinkler web.jpg
TB stare sprinkler web.jpg
EB TB fingers and toes web.jpg
EB MB sprinkler cuddle web.jpg
Spending the after dinner hours...

in the sprinkler.
tasting the water.
chewing on the hose.
squealing and giggling.
getting soaking wet.

Until the sun is gone, goosebumps and teeth are chattering.
It is the rinse cycle before bath.


Katie said...

Summer days and evenings are the best! Beautiful shots!

Rachel said...

Such sweet pictures!

Adrienne said...

That's some doggone good usual!

Rici Reid said...

I LOVE that picture of Eva and the sprinkler! Her smile is that of pure joy! Miss you sweet friend!