our sunshine

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These days...

you have been starting conversations.
carrying them on like a big girl.
we talk about it all - from farms to fairy tales.

you been turning me into Cinderella.
and then turning me into a sparkly nut.

you are eating pb&j everyday.
sometimes twice a day.
rarely eating much else.

you are imagining worlds of fairies and princesses.
playing soccer and with firetrucks.

you are filling your big sister role well.
playing and teaching.
bossing and mothering.

You are excited and engaged.
passionate and expressive.
creative, opinionated and loving.

We have been watching you change and grow.
trying to channel and guide your fiery spirit.

The brightness of your personality is amazing.
Although, at times we feel our job requires sunglasses in your presence...
just like the sun, it calls you out to sit and enjoy its warmth.


Adrienne said...

Joy. That's all...thanks for sharing your joy as you watch her grow. Her spirit shines through your photos and your words!

Nikki said...

Isn't it amazing the conversations they can carry on now. I am blown away each day by the things Harper says and asks. I love it!

Nicolette said...

These are beautiful! Don't you just love seeing the relationship between siblings grow? My heart just melts every time I see my two being sweet with each other.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

She's stunning. There is so much in Eva's eyes, and it's evident in the things you wrote about her. You are one lucky mama!