a sneak up on me good day


We have been having a good day.
Theo is napping and Eva is pretending to be a magician and painting at the same time.
I spent the morning filling some jars with good stuff for later.

My parents just left and had good news from the doc on my moms ticker.
It is stronger, healthier and she is doing well.
Some major answered prayers there.

Michael sent me flowers.
Or depending on who you ask, daddy may have sent Eva flowers.
Just because he loves us.

I started today not wanting to start it.
Head cold or allergies.
Rough night of sleep.
Facing all day and night with out Michael because he is on-call.
Nutty kiddos that seem to have found the never ending source of energy...
and are grumpy about it at the same time.

But sitting here watching my daughter paint her nails with watercolor...
I can't wipe the smile off my face.

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Julia Goolia said...

the best kind of good days!!!