canning and awake


I am tired.

Not the my-babies-are-up-all-hours-crying tired.
First one, then the other needing to be rocked and soothed.
That was the last few days.

I am the good tired.

I don't know why I love canning so much.
I know at least 50% of my reason is seeing the all pretty jars lined up like soldiers.
Bonus is that the stuff inside tastes really good.

Not only did I make a lot of pretty jars of tomatoes today.
I got to do it with a friend.
We tag-teamed.
Back and forth.

Two toddlers and two preschoolers 
soothing, dancing, feeding, napping, running, holding, wiping and corralling.
And a quick kindergarden pick-up.
All while tackling 60 pounds of tomatoes.

At one point, I looked around and it was like a bomb had gone off.
Toys everywhere, toddlers needing naps.
Muffins, crackers and tomato juice on every kitchen surface.

By the end, we had a clean house, rows of jars cooling...
and somewhat happy but tired kids.
That mix of good work and good friends...
it is really pretty amazing.

Then tonight...

I was finishing up some laundry and I heard the kids screaming.
I felt a little desperate because I just wanted to sit on the couch for a few minutes.

Upstairs I went...
thinking it was going to be a really long night.
I took a photo of the stove clock as I went by to send to Michael at work.

But when I got to their door and it wasn't screaming...
it was laughing.

Eva was giggling and making bark/chirp sounds.
Which made Theodore laugh hysterically.
His encouragement made Eva laugh even harder.

On and on it went.
Sister and brother keeping each other awake.

I tried to record it, but you couldn't hear it.
So I just sat a listened in the hallway.
The laughs got shorter and softer.
Then it turned to giggles and then quiet.

Both asleep.
Right when I started to stand up I heard Eva.
See you in the morning my Feeadore.


tinajo said...

Sounds lovely - and I agree that it´s something about canning that feel very rewarding! :-)

Olivia Grace said...

This is so beautiful. I love those moments between siblings, that special bond that only they will ever share. It sounds like your day, although tiring, was pretty amazing my friend.

Nikki said...

What a beautiful story and memory!