little man, my tiny baby


Mr. Theodore
Little man.
A big milestone just came and went.

Much in the way of your sister...
you self weaned and are a sippy cup man now.
I knew it was on the horizon.

I think when you heard that Happy Birthday song 
you realized you had better things to do than lay and snuggle in your mama's arms. 
There were trucks to push and toys to steal from your sister.
Sofas to climb on and baby gates to dismantle.

We still had our really early morning and the before bed sessions for a few weeks.
Then one night before bed you said  No thank you. 
Down to breakfast only.

Your daddy and I were heading to Chicago and leaving you guys with the Grandparents.
I thought being away for 3 days would end it all.
I soaked up those early morning sessions and even snuck in a mid-day one the day before we left.

See, your sister stopped so suddenly that I didn't know she was done 
until she had already called it quits.
So I relished in every moment. 
Knowing that every one could be the last.

Off to Chicago we went and you guys had a blast - so did we.
And I was surprised the night we came home when you snuggled up in my lap.
But that was the last time little man...

The next morning...
you giggled at me like I had done something ridiculously silly laying you across my lap.
Grinning, wiggling to get down and get your day started...
walk-running to the kitchen in search of real food.

And poof - like a cloud of magic dust - a phase of you baby life is gone.

That's how it happens.
How babies become little kids.
In tiny pieces and little poofs.
A day here and a moment there.

And then I catch you snuggling your blankie...
your favorite blankie, sitting in the sunshine.
And for another tiny second you are my tiny baby again.
Just for a second, but I will take it.


Rachel said...

Oh, I love this! Mine both self weaned too, and I felt like it was way too soon with my second...but I sure love toddlerhood. You have fun times ahead. :)

Julia Goolia said...

Giant lump in my throat reading this. Whew, boy. Weaning gets me every time. Great work, mama!!

Kellie said...

Awww poor momma! And yeah momma at the same time! I have to admit, that one had me teary... and I love that our blanket is so important to him! Like we are with him (and you) always = )

Kelly said...

You did it mama! You did it!