A Full Summer

Kayty and Eva
Eva Hiking
Mommy and Theodore

I really can't believe it is August.  
August is supposed to be hot as blazes and it means back to school time.

Right now it is 65° and breezy 
and I am not ready to admit Eva has a school supply list.

We have been going and going. Trips to parks, riding big-girl bikes with training wheels.  Picking tomatoes and making pickles.  Swimming in the pool and getting goosebumps in the breeze.  Hiking and hanging out with friends and family.

At the end of the day, I am brushing sand off the couch, gathering shoes from under the dining room table and marveling at how another day sped by...
and how we fit so much in at the same time.

Life is full and good.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures! How is time flying by so quickly?! And how do your kiddos look so old? And how come I'm the worst pen pal ever? Geez...soon, I promise!

Olivia Grace said...

Yall are so beautiful!! I am so jealous of those temperatures. I don't think I would ever go inside if we had temps like that!

Rici Reid said...

So jealous of your weather!! If that was the case here I could sleep in on Saturdays!! Love you Friend!!

Lora said...

that last pic of you and your little one on your back is so precious!!