finding a lost thing


My Grandma Sara taught me that if you loose something...
you should just start cleaning.

She stayed summers with us...
and sometimes winter breaks.

Grandma liked all house work done by lunch.
It used to drive me nuts.

Teenage me was not a early riser or a cleaner.
And when my shoe was missing, I wanted to dump drawers and raid the closet.
Definitely did not want to clean my room!

But that was what Grandma would do to help me.
She would start cleaning.

And when your grandma is cleaning your room...
it is impossible to do some drawer dumping or closet raiding.

So I would clean too.
Soon one of us would find my shoe.
 And as a bonus, part of the floor would be visible again.

But even when you don't find what have lost...
at least your life is a little more tidy.

I also was a slob.
So I am not sure if this was her method...
 or her method of dealing with me. 
But the cleaning trick has stuck.

After a morning and afternoon cleaning session...
the bedroom is clean, the living room is spotless.

I moved couches and the bed.
Dusted under dressers and used every vacuum attachment...
and today the lost thing was found.

Sun tea is brewing in the window...
(my winter solution for our ice tea requirement)
and even the floors under our bed are shiny.

(Kids are still in their pj's but it is real life.)

So even if it was for slob-teenage me...
thanks for the lesson Grandma.

If something is lost, clean it up.

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