an interview


How old are you?  I am pretending to be one.
What is your favorite thing to do?  Swimming in a new pool and pretty-school.
What is your favorite color?  Red
What is your favorite food?  Peanut Butter and Jelly
What is your favorite movie?  Rapunzel 
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A married girl firefighter.
What is your favorite time of day?  Birthdays
What do you do well?  I am a good jumper, better than Charlie H.
What makes you laugh?  When you say funny words at me when your mad - like disappointed.  
What are you afraid of?  A shark, they bite us a little bit.
Who is your very best friend?  Hmm... I got it! Allie and Carri even though she is big and I am medium.
What do you like to do with your family?  Dance and laugh in the living room.
Where do you like to go?  On the beach with a pool beside.
What is your favorite book?  All of them in my bed.
If you had one wish what would you wish?  To see the lanterns in the sky.

I tried asking you these questions on your birthday, but you insisted that you didn't want to talk about anything.  So I waited.  Today you were being chatty while little brother was napping and the idea of these questions came back to me. 

We talked a lot more.  About sharks, about Charlie H. and jumping in pretty-school (preschool), and I asked about who you want to marry.  You said you want to marry mommy, daddy and Theodore because they are your family... and your family means love.    Yes, it does little one, it certainly does.


Adrienne said...

Sweetest thing ever. I did a favorite things cut and paste book with Melissa when she was a little older - complete treasure!! I love "pretty-school" and I love that she wants to see the lanterns in the sky!

Olivia Grace said...

She is so beautiful!! Those eyes are amazing!!

Katie said...

What a fantastic idea that I will have to do with my children!

Julia Goolia said...

Is she the sweetest?? She wants to marry you all---I can't even handle it.

Nikki said...

What a great idea! Great answers.

tinajo said...

Haha, she´s a funny little one! :-)