tea parties

washing sheets

books and christmas lights

pizza picnic


Michael finally had a weekend off.
Both days and a short day on Friday.

It was nice to do very little have-to's...
and doing a lot of want-to's.

Trips to the science museum and the best coney dog shop.
Listening to a new podcast and folding laundry.
Sleeping in and reading books.
Laying on the couch and the living room floor.
Talking about Christmas and making Thanksgiving plans.
Eva deciding she now likes pizza...
and eating it picnic-style on the floor.
Theo and Daddy watching the Buckeyes.
Picking up a Thanksgiving ham and catching up on Madmen.
Thinking up Christmas gifts ideas and plotting tree decorating.

A very good weekend.


Adrienne said...

Sounds perfectly perfect.

Olivia Grace said...

Sounds completely perfect. Love your sweet family.