moment: Christmas program


Her first Christmas program.
Theo was napping late so we were in a hurry, but we made it right on time.
It was in the little chapel.  Almost standing room only.  
16 excited 3-4 year olds with antlers on their heads and bells in their hands.
Kids were looking for their parents, running, yelling and waving.
Teachers were herding little ones that are trying to escape in every direction at the same time.

Eva found us in the crowd.
She was so excited her Poppy and Goggy were there too.
Somehow the amazing teachers were able to get them all in two rows, quiet and ready to go.

I think she almost lost it then.  I saw the panic - the deer-in-headlights look.
One of those amazing teachers saw it too, and got Eva to start shaking her bells.
That was enough to break her into full on performance mode.

She spent the whole first song, Jingle Bells, not singing...
but shaking those bells with all she had.
Her concentration face was on and her eyes never left her instrument.
After that, she sang and did her hand motions with everyone else. 
It was the cutest.

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