These two....
I hope that these moments of sharing, helping, playing and being kind to one another stick.  That the giggles, tickles and hugs are imprinted permanently on their hearts.   That they hang on for the long term and bubble up in memories.  That they will rise to the surface in those the moments later in life when they need someone.  Someone to call, someone to listen, someone to just be there, reach out.  And I hope that their calls are answered, hugs returned and that their presence can be counted on and hands will be there to hold.  I hope they know that they are a great gift to one another.  That no matter where they go or who comes into their lives... that once upon a time... they were the bestest of friends.

(To my brother... who I shared many giggles with.... I love you.)

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Julia Goolia said...

They are getting so BIG and look a lot alike to me in the first picture. Love.