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Ms. Eva
Four years old.
You think you are turning five tomorrow.

Three has been a big year.
You like the number three.
Free suckers please, because I am free.
You don't have the "th" sound yet, and I hope it stays away awhile.

I am wondering if four will be the new magic number...
I know at least with suckers it will.

You're a clever one...
always thinking ahead and keeping us on our toes.
Your energetic and spirited.
You know your mind and are determined to follow through.

Some of these things make moments tough on the daughter-parent gig.
But remembering that these qualities are one that we would like you to have as an adult...
well that thought generally puts us in our place.

On top of all of this...
you're kind, loving and have a great big heart.
You have asked me (mom) to marry you a lot recently.
It was quite an honor to be asked...
more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Eva.


Julia Goolia said...

Love the pictures of your girl and the images that your words paint, too. She is so sweet.

Olivia Grace said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!!!

Kristance and Matthew said...

Aww, sweet Eva! I adore her smile!