a day: January 24th

Theodore wakes up and wakes Eva.  A few kisses and Eva is fine.
A few sways in the room and some back pats and Theo is back down.

Theo wakes up screaming and somehow Eva sleeps on.
We rock and rock and I get him back down at around 4:00

I have to go to the bathroom - I don't think I ever really fell asleep.

He is up for good.  Giggles and "Hi, momma!"
We head downstairs for a diaper change.
I do a dangerous-item sweep of the living room getting the water glasses and pens from last night
ditl kettle.JPG
Water on for coffee and getting him a cup of milk.

ditl TB awake.JPG
Impatiently waiting.

ditl aeropress coffee.JPG
Coffee parts: beans and the aeropress

ditl EB awake.JPG
Eva's up for the day and she brought her friends, Owlie and Elephant.

ditl eggs breakfast.JPG
Here's your  brain.... well, my breakfast.

We eat.
Cereal and yogurt for the kiddos.
I eat bites between fetching dropped spoons and filling empty cups.

Breakfast cleanup.
Kids are playing and kind of sharing so I head to the basement to get laundry going.
It is diaper wash morning because I didn't do it last night.

ditl mario daddy.JPG
Daddy's home!!
Eva begs to play Mario Kart on the Wii.  She loves to watch daddy race.
Theo tries to add difficulty by catching the race cars and I fold laundry.

ditl TB tunnel.JPG
Theodore's hiding in the tunnel while squealing.

ditl EB face.JPG
Eva is refusing to be changed from her princess nightgown - or dress as she is calling it.
It is going to be snowing all day and freezing.
Her birthday party was today, but we moved it to tomorrow because if the weather.
I decide she wins - PJ's all day.

ditl little bean.JPG
Step on this little guy and chase him all over the kitchen floor.
I dropped it so so many times trying to trying to get it to the trash...
Thought it deserved a photo.
Hi, little tiny bean.

ditl TB cabinet cleaning.JPG
Michael goes to nap and catch up on some sleep after being up at the hospital half of the night.
Theodore helps me start lunch.

ditl lunch kids.JPG
When he's done, Theo usually turns his plate upside down.
I snack on some nuts while the kids eat.

Change Theo and put him down for his nap.

ditl diapers.JPG
Switch the laundry.

Put Cinderella on for Eva.
Workout and get a shower.

ditl EB reading.JPG
Eva's reading and watching princesses...
while wearing a princess gown and pretending to be a princess.
Her kind of perfect morning.

ditl my lunch.JPG
My lunch.
Leftovers turned into a big salad.

ditl EB watching snow.JPG
Eva is watching it snow.
And snow and snow and snow.

I hear giggle and talking.
Theodore is awake.

ditl EB TB playing trains.JPG
Kids are sharing and playing together.
I tell Eva good job sharing. She says, ''Theodore doesn't want the trains I want, so its easy."

ditl car covered in snow.JPG
Michael's up from his nap, so I head out to run errands.

ditl errand treat.JPG
Donuts for tomorrow from the Goodie Shop.
They are still warm... so I taste test.

ditl bookstore.JPG
Bookstore for the birthday books.
The kids get books for every birthday, holiday, big moment.
It's tradition.

ditl grocery buggy.JPG
Grocerym run and back home.

ditl bedtime.JPG
Mad dash to dinner.
The kids are hungry and being patient is not an option.
There were times where I was stirring with one hand and holding Theo with the other.
Also times where I put him out of the kitchen to open the oven - he screamed and screamed.
Dinner time is nuts and today is a particularly bad day.

We are eating and the little people are calmer.
Michael and I try to have a conversation.
Between hearing Eva's new jokes and Theo just yelling to get her to laugh...
we start about 30 topics and finish none.

Dinner's done and we take turns cleaning up kids and clearing table.
The floor gets swept and kinda-mopped.
I am guessing Theodore has a 40/60 rate with food - 40% in mouth and 60% everywhere else.

I start cleaning the kitchen and start the dishwasher.
Michael puts on a show for the kids.
Tonight it's Bo on the Go.  It makes Theo dance.

ditl EB faces 2.JPG
Change kids into PJ's - or in Eva's case - into clean PJ's.
She is happy to be in another princess night gown.

Brush teeth and read story.
Theodore doesn't make it to the story - he's in bed and out in minutes.
Michael reads to Eva and she is soon in bed.

Eva wants one more song and her back scratched.
She's falling asleep while I sing so I think this will be the last call we get tonight.

ditl brewed beer.JPG
Michael samples his first round of his home brew.
It's an Octoberfest and probably one of my best Christmas present ideas ever.

We clean up the living room and I head to bed.
By the time I finish my before bed routine, Michael is up getting ready for bed.

Both in bed.
Commenting on how early we have been going to bed lately.
Hope the kids sleep through the night.
Forget all the half-finished conversations we meant to finish from dinner and fall asleep.

That's it.  A typical day - a Saturday in the Bixler house.
It is a weekend day, but Michaels schedule makes the weekends like regular days a lot of the time.

Glad I finally did this - and I have been meaning to for a long time.
Julia's been inspiring me for quite a while - and I finally followed through!


Adrienne said...

I noticed I felt tired by the time we hit "hiding in the tunnel" ... God bless ya ~ and know it doesn't last forever! I love how in the "typical" there are golden nuggets. Love the princess obsession and the acknowledgement of easy sharing. I survived the witching hour (other wise known as dinner prep) by putting them in the bath together. You're not quite ready for this yet, but when you can...oh it was so nice...they played and sort of got clean...and I could do dinner without clinging and screaming! Hang on to those nuggets while you're in the thick of it...cause it'll be on to other challenges before you know it!

Kristance and Matthew said...

Aww, Nessa! That sounds like Saturdays at my house too! If you ever need some middle of the night encouragement, you can always text me! Moosie has been sleeping like a newborn (read: NOT sleeping) so I'm generally up all night long, haha. (;

Julia Goolia said...

Love it so much!!! GREAT work. Why are your pictures so pretty and your words so straightforward ? Inspiring for me for my next DiTL post for sure. Much cleaner and easier to read.