now a mommy

coffee and indulgent reading
snow all the way there
baby rocking
muffin making
facetime ending in tears
soaking her up
Liz and Nessa.JPG
the new mommy and me

Liz is one of those very special rare friends.
We found eachother in sixth grade and through the ebb and flow of life have stayed close.
Close as sisters, and that's a better way to describe her - my sister - family.
So when she became a mamma in January - there was no way I wasn't hoping on a plane.

Seeing new a new mommy and daddy.
Snuggling that little peanut.
Oh, that new baby smell!  

This was my first trip alone away from my babies.
They were in great hands - mostly daddy's with some grandparent and godparent helpers.
I still missed them something awful.

Good thing I had a snuggly baby to keep my mind occupied.
I did some cleaning and cooking.
Baby rocking and bouncing while mommy and daddy napped.
Her mommy and daddy were very tired.

I know by the time I snuggle her again, she will be twice her size.
She will be sitting up and maybe even starting to crawl.
She will be sleeping more and so will they.
Those first few weeks are some of the toughest and the most precious.

I came home to my babies.
Who seemed bigger than when I left them.
I had worried about Theo with me gone, but it was my Eva that took it the hardest.
And it was her that gave me a 10 minute hug at the airport.
Hugs like that do a momma's heart good...
especially when she wonders how the world her babies grew so fast.

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Adrienne said...

What a great blessing to have a friend like that - my kids each have a couple of them, and it's one of the most precious things to watch! As hard as it is, the leaving and returning is good for our babies... confidence in the fact that we're always coming back to them means so much!