freeze and fever

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A polar vortex - the term the local news has on auto repeat. 
It is the excuse for every nasty day of weather.
The one to blame for wind chill temperatures that are minus double digits.
Cold, snow and ice.
It has been a long winter everywhere. 

This is normally the time of year that I start itching for sunshine and a few signs of life.
Spring fever always hits mid-February and lasts until we get a breakthrough day of warmth.
Usually that day or two a month in March and April has to hold us out until May.

After a freezing day of car starting, kid loading, preschool drop off, grocery stores times two...
I was cursing February and wishing it all away.

Theodore fell asleep in the car, so I pulled into a park to sit and sulk.
Pretty pathetic, I know.

There are a lot of things that this Spring and Summer are bringing our way.
A big anniversary, family vacation, big move and so much more.

But really the snow is pretty.
The world is kind of magic-like covered in white and shades of blue.
It was hard for me to sit back and enjoy a sleeping toddler and the sharp cold air.
Stopping myself from wishing for the days to come and just trying to get through the days of now.

But I did.
I sat and appreciated it in all its frigid glory.
Coffee and some good music helped.

And I also got a complete understanding of the reason behind February's 28 days...
most of us wouldn't make it much longer.

Happy Birthday to my Brother Justin...
truly that last good thing on the calendar this month!

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