donuts 4 birthday.JPG
donuts with sprinkles and a bucket full of suckers
Candle 4 birthday.JPG
candle blowing
cake toppers 4 birthday.JPG
the donut decorations that were confiscated by the birthday girl
theo 4 birthday eating.JPG
Theodore refueling
Eva taking a rest - it lasted two minutes.
our big friends playing with their little ones

Eva's party was a lot of fun.
She said so.

We hadn't done a big birthday party since she turned one.
And we wouldn't have - but she asked.
"a party with all her friends, balloons and Tinker Bell suckers"
So that is what we did.

It was terrible outside, but so many people braved the weather.
I think getting the kids out of the house and burning some energy at the play cafe seemed like a good idea to everyone.
It's always neat to see our friends all together.
Because so many of them we have known for so long...
and now lots of them are parents too.

Eva was a little confused...
her birthday wasn't until later in the week
 and I wouldn't let her be four yet.
I was holding on to those last few days pretty tightly.

I always feel like these things go by so fast.
The planning takes so long and then boom - day goes by in a blurr.
I didn't take many pictures.
I took a few and spent the rest of the time enjoying everyone.

Celebrating her day...
at 3 years and 363 days old.


Julia Goolia said...

Adorable. And those donuts look amazing right now.

Kristance and Matthew said...

Happy birthday, sweet Eva! A two minute rest?! Sounds about right. Haha. (;