woods house
the quarters

controlled chaos

muddy theo
muddy Theo

new friends
Eva and her buddy Charlie.

Theo and Daddy exploring.

maple syrup
Maple syrup beginnings.

old man's cave
Icy caves.

the crew
The normal scene.

A few weeks ago we went to the woods.
We met a bunch of friends.
There were a lot of babies and little ones.
It was good for the soul.

Tag team parenting and zone defense.
Big meals and good food.
Losing kids in the huge cabin.
Staying up late and hilarious games of skill.
Being "forced" to take naps when the kids nap.
Hikes in the mud and snow.
Sasquatch calling and sightings.
Fresh maple syrup.
Laying around and catching up.

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Adrienne said...

Those are the best of times.