the good when it's bad

Friends who drop everything to rush over and Eva sit and bring pink paint to make fun art projects.
Thank you Carri and Jesse.
Thank you mom and dad for scooping her up that evening...
I know she is in the best hands with Goggy and Poppy.
A wonderful gift that arrived at just the perfect time...
Right when I was holding my little man for the first time in a few days.
Thank you Adrienne.
Visitors and grandparents.
Keeping our minds occupied and let us run and eat, shower and rush back.
Thank you family and friends.
Yummy treats delivered to your front door to celebrate being home.
Sugar butter and strawberries... comfort in a bite.
Thank you Amy.

It seems with things go bad, the good somehow always rises to the top.
Little bits at a time, that lift you up and carry you.

I know it has been a few weeks, 
but things finally feel like they are getting back to normal.

Thank you to everyone.
There were so many well wishes and prayers.
Cards and meals.
Emails and internet love.
Phone calls and text messages.
Visitors and hugs.

Every single word, thought and gesture meant more than you know.
All in all, we ended the mess with a healthy Theodore...
and the feeling that there is so much love in this world.

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Adrienne said...

The good somehow rises...so true! I love that you've gotten through this to the place of being able to share about all of it...I'd want to wait til I got to this place, and then I'd probably forget!! HUGS!