Lately we have been house hunting.
Nosing around other peoples homes...
trying to replace their things with your own.

Squinting our eyes and imagining Theodore screaming down the hall...
Eva reading books in her special corner...
and baby rocking and walking in every single room.

Dreaming of dinners around our table...
Saturday mornings in the kitchen...
and porch sitting in the evening with all the little tucked in bed.

It has been time consuming and energy draining.
Picking the pros and the cons...
Debating and questioning.

An then we found a house.
The house that you can imagine all the little feet pattering and finger prints on the windows.
We have been neck high in negotiations, inspections and lots of waiting.

We are at the tail end of it all.
Back to waiting and hoping that things work out.
Waiting on the seller and knowing there is another offer in the wings.

Please, oh please be the right home for us.

House is ours... closing on or before May 31st.
So very happy and excited.


Adrienne said...

Oh please oh please! I will send prayers and good thoughts into the real estate universe!!

Julia Goolia said...

Yes, so exciting!! Best of luck.