spring and summer-ish

100's of Eva selfies

Casper Babypants on Youtube

nap time... well maybe not Eva

seeing Deedle's head, heart, hands and toes


cars and more cars

hand washing dishes until the plumber can come

80° so its sprinkler time

It is official...
less than a month until we move.
The dates are all set and all the red tape is officially complete.

I have been trying to tackle all those organizing things: drawers, closets and boxes.
My list is long and so far the checked boxes are very few.
This week life took over, but that's okay.

We had a broken microwave and clogged up sink.
Warming up everything on the stove and dishwashing in my big pot took takes time.
It made me really thankful for all things I normally take for granted, however.

Theodore is officially getting his 2 year molars...
that's not a lot of fun for anyone.
Poor guy is grumpy and in pain pretty much around the clock.

We had a little heat wave and spent the days outside.
It is amazing what a sprinkler and bubbles can do for everyone's mood.
It is like a shot of happiness in the arm.

Deedle is growing right on track.
My tired days are fewer and further between lately.
If my allergies would disappear, I think I would be feeling 110%.

I am so excited for summer.

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