blood and tennis


One morning last week we were getting ready to head out.  Park, grocery, post office... nothing unusual.  We were all in different stages of getting ready to leave.  Eva was almost dressed, Theo needed pants and I was in the middle of dressing myself.  As I was picking out bottoms and getting ready to take off my pajama shorts... I hear a thump and an Eva scream.  I get to their bathroom and she is bloody mouthed and loosing it.  Nothing major - just a bloody lip - but tragic for her.  So I am holding, rocking, shushing and getting blood down the front of my white undershirt.  

Then I hear it.  The screen door slam.  At first I thought maybe Michael was home.  Then reality sinks in and I know it is Theo.  He has escaped.  I am trying to untangle from Eva who does not want me to put her down and run to the kitchen.  He's gone.  She's screaming, hysterically at this point.  I am running out the door, searching frantically, scanning and yelling his name.  And then I see him.

He is right across the street.  In the middle of the tennis courts - which are full to the brim with morning league play.  He has confiscated one ball already and asking for someones racket.  All games have stopped and he is getting lots of "hi's" and I hear a "where is your mommy buddy?"  

Here she is!!  Walking over, in a tight, bloody maternity undershirt and sleep shorts.  About 8 months pregnant, no shoes and a bad case bed head.   Oh, and I have no contacts on either so excuse the squint as I try to look like I am making eye contact.  But I too embarrassed to make actual eye contact, so I will be staring at eyebrows and noses.  I am right here!! Jogging over to grab my half naked two year old who I obviously let wander off, unattended.  Oh this blood, it's nothing.  My daughter just busted her lip.  Oh look! There she is - on the sidewalk screaming for me with blood trailing down her face.  Ha Ha -  she is four, he is two and yeah I am due real soon.!  Yeah, I am really going to have my hands full - your right!  Thanks guys and sorry to interrupt your game.  Have a great day!

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Carri said...

Oh wow! What a day!