Dear Deedle: nesting and suger

Hi little one.  31 weeks and a few days along here and things are getting real.  We are onto appointments every two weeks and by dinnertime my waddle is full on.  I physically need to take more breaks - get off my feet more.  But as soon as I do,  my head just swarms with things I need to get done.  The essentials.  You know, like taking the vacuum completely apart and washing it from top to bottom, inside and out.  Baking pans of rice to freeze for easy meals when you get here.  Reorganizing closets and getting rid of clutter by the bag full.  I have lists and lists - to do's, to clean, to get from amazon.  At night, your daddy and I are trying to find names that fit as we watch my rolling belly and wonder what body part is going to come flying up next.  Oh and you make me dream of ice cream.  I never have been a huge fan and now I am eating it sometimes daily.  Grow big little one.  Mama's doing her part out here with the extra fudge sauce.

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