Last night we had a date night.  Just me and him.  Since moving closer to family we have had a lot more of these.  It is so much easier to steal away for the evening when parents are minutes away instead of over an hour.  We tried a new spot and it was a good pick.

Today, I had leftover dessert and coffee for breakfast.  The pie was even better after sleeping in.  To sat in the quiet house and think about how yummy the food was last night and how great it was to be out and about with my husband.  It was wonderful just to talk, to sit and chat without any interruptions or any place to be.  It is even more amazing to me that we still have so much to say, after all these years.  

In the day-to-day we really get so little conversation that isn't interrupted.  We are shoulder deep in the season of "mama, dada, hold me, down please!!!!" (Theo still has up and down backwards.) Dinner is a constant chorus of chaos and interruptions.  Refills, manner reminders, half started sentences that never get finished and even more that never get started.

And it is so good, really.  Because after 19 years of having conversations with Michael, everyone of them is important.  We still have a lot to say.  Even if on most nights we get the leftovers of the words to share and piece together.  The leftovers are really good too.

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