bath time and being needed


We had done the park - twice.  Played cars and kitchen, washed laundry and cleaned, ran errands and played in the fountain.  Theo was on his third outfit by dinner.  Eva had changed her clothes on her own a few times.  I was exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  SO many needs - and I was the only one to here to meet them.  Daddy was working a 32 hour shift - probably longer - and we were only a little over 15 hours in.  

But there is something about bath time isn't there?  The cute, naked tooshies, sudsy hair, play boats and mermaids that makes sit all okay.  Then realizing I hadn't talked to my mom in a day or two and I need to call her tonight... that is all it took to snap me out of it.  

They do need me, a lot.   They need me for everything - saving them from cars in parking lots and washing their hair.  That is what I am here for, to take care of them and keep them safe, even though I forget sometimes.  Accidental bathtub drowning by your loving sibling is a real threat.  And it is good to be needed, because one day they soon they won't need as much. Then a little later than that, they will be tired, on the bathroom floor, giving a bath,  making mental notes to call their mom before they crash into bed - because they miss her lots and need to talk to a person that knows what a day like this is like.  A pretty great, but exhausting day.

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Julia Goolia said...

The needs---both cherished and exhausting. You captured this so well!