this guy

3 stitches... There was a fall/thump sound and a Theo saying "ouch, oh man." I was not worried.  
At the sink, hands deep in suds, we are used to falls and bumps everyday.  Then I heard the "blood-curdling, I am in major pain" scream.  Oh crap.

In the dining room I met a crime scene.  In the middle of the blood everywhere was a Theodore shaking and splattering blood on our walls.  It took me few minutes to find the 1/2 inch cut causing the "immense" blood loss.  It was the 3 hour wait at the children's urgent care - surrounded by flu-like symptoms.  Eva was lucky to have a Grandpa pizza party at home.  I kept Helena in the carrier and tried to keep Theo from crawling on the floor.  Three tiny stitches in the forehead and a popsicle and we were good to go.

When the doctor asked, "First stitches?" I said yes and last stitches.  The doctor laughed and laughed.  And then brought me a mini first aid kit.  Oh man, boys are nuts.

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Adrienne said...

Jeremy's were over his left eyelid. He was playing batman. On a city sidewalk. No worries there! Those were his first and only stitches...for all the bumps, bruises and attempts at flying off of objects, he managed to learn his limits and became very agile and athletic! I will wish for you the same...that and a VERY happy new year!!