my valentines

They are my heart.  
My three littles and the guy who gave them to me.  Especially that guy.  I am the luckiest and I know it everyday.  Even on the days that start at 4 am (which is better than 3 for sure) and I wonder why in the heck we haven't been committed for having three littles and thinking we would get a night of 8 straight hours of sleep again...ever again.  

So, I sit here watching my forever valentine dancing with his oldest daughter and serenading her (and me by proxy) with a little Frankie... then the baby gets scooped to dance with them too.  I am unshowered, post morning nap (thank you Michael), spit-up on my sweater, baby bouncing, and feeling totally happy.  I think that things really can't get better than this, then our song plays, and we dance as a family.

Happy Valentines Day

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Carri said...

What a great day!!!