mister man

Our Theodore

You are our force of nature.  You wake-up seeming like someone had spent all night revving your engine.   You are so ready for the day and to get your feet on the ground running sprinting - even if it happens to be only 4:30 in the morning.  It is hard to not be enthusiastic about "morningtime" with you cheering us on... hard, but not at all impossible.  You know my morning routine so well that you tell me to start the coffee.  Thanks buddy for understanding how much I need it.

Somehow, you have still managed to not realize that you can jump out of your crib.  Some mornings I would swear that you are bouncing high enough that your feet would clear the top rail on their own, but you still wait on us free you from your cage.  Thank you for that too sir! I know that neither your roommate Eva or anyone else in the house is ready for you to be roaming free. 

You are such a good little man.  You have taken this big brother roll on so well.  Loving your sister and learning how to boss.  You have been sharpening your big-brother skills by putting me and your daddy in time out frequently - knowing your big sister would never listen - getting the practice in so that you can boss Miss Helena around one day soon. 

You make me crazy sometimes with your semi-fearlessness.  You will climb and jump off tables, furniture, benches... but are too afraid to climb up into a safety-insured playland structure.  I don't get it, but it is the way you are. There is something about the towering mass of tunnels and slides that brings out your cautious side.  I just wish your would go all out there with all the padding and safety nets and save the caution for the basement stairs that have a concrete landing zone.  

When asked a question like, "Are you hungry?" or "Are you cold?" you answer half the time, "No, I not Hungry, I Theodore."  So cute.  Then the other answer we get is, "No I not hungry... wait yes I hungry.  I hungry!!!"  And you are always hungry, even when you are just Theodore.  And eating is still, a messy operation... always.  Moping after every meal time is almost a requirement.

You are all fire, blurr and sparks.  We love you.


Adrienne said...

I am familiar with the fire, blur and sparks of the boy-child. I'm happy those elements are still alive in "my" man-child. My balancing act with him was teaching commone sense and self-restraint without EVER dimming that spark!! Given the foot on the table that I see, I'm gonna encourage you with the thought that you're on a good path!

Julia Goolia said...

We call Truman 'mister man', too---and oh my, Theo is quite a spit fire!! He is just awesome.