Name Change

A few months ago, Eva started writing her name with the letters "AB" at the end on all of her papers from school.  At first I wasn't sure if she was just practicing, or trying to write her last name?  When I asked her about it, at first she just said she liked the "AB" - it gave her more letters.  

At her kindergarten screening a few weeks ago they had the kids find their own name tags and then bring their parents the huge (really huge) stack of paperwork under them.  Eva walked down the row of names, stopping ever so briefly at her own name and then moved on.  She then tells the teacher that her name wasn't there.  So the teacher asks her name.  "It's Eva."  So her and the teacher go to the tag that says her first and last name and the teacher asks if this was her name.  "Nope that's not it. My name is Eva AB.  That is my old name.  Didn't my mom tell you?"

Yeah, so she has changed her name.  Eva AB.  And I have also been informed that when she turns 6, on her very special next birthday, her name is going to change.   
It will be Eva ABC.

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Adrienne said...

I hope her ABC book has nothing to do with this??!! She is such a hoot!