Tonight Michael called me from the hospital to tell me thank you for being a great mom.  He is working the 24 hour plus shift today.  He woke up with the kiddos this morning so I could catch a few more winks and added a page to a memory book he started for me last Mothers' Day which I love.  Such a sweetie that guy of mine.

Then I spent the afternoon and evening with this lady.  My mama.  The one that taught me how this mothering gig should go.  I know that I don't know even half of the sacrifices she made, the nights she went without sleep or the meals that she skipped... As I have gotten older and had babies of my own I realize more and more that she did that was unseen and unheard.

But I do remember seeing her at school functions racing in to be there for me still in her work clothes and smiling because she made it.  Smelling the Vic's Vapor Rub that she put on a wash cloth on my chest when I was so stuffy and sick.  Me on the couch and her somewhere near by... and now I know how she must have worried and I am sure she watched me sleep.  I remember skipping school because she had a day off work just to hang out.  Driving with the windows down and her half singing the words to all the songs.  Hearing her and dad sneak around wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.  Ringing bells because she said that made an angel get their wings.  Her always looking for mom & pop restaurants and ice cream stands because she has always hated the chains. I remember picking out school clothes and being taught lessons in value and getting a bargain over something cheap and trendy... and her also going back and getting me that god-awful neon spandex outfit I begged and begged for anyway.  I remember the way she smelled when she held me when I was sick - her perfume mixed with just her.  Laying awake until she came home some nights super late from work and pretending to sleep when she came in to tuck me in.  Making cookies and deep dish pizza, that we would catch right before it burnt - sometimes.  Looking for four leaf clovers and her usually always finding one.  

Thank you mom.  For being there, tired, hungry, exhausted... always.  And thank you even more for being there for them, my babies and your grand babies.  Because even when you're not here with them...
 you are the one that taught me how to be.

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Julia Goolia said...

Awesome memories. Love.