leaves and thieves

I can't believe it is almost halfway through November.  These 70° days make it easy to forget that we are closer to winter that summer now. All of our trees are half bare, including our gigantic magnolia.  Luckily we have a lot of help getting the leaves raked up and to the curb.  

Watching these three is one of my favorite things.  They do so much together now.  Eva and Theo are  constantly hatching plans and working together.  They still have their dust-ups, but more often they work together pretty well - especially since they have learned that tag-teaming the parents is effective and beneficial to both of them.  

And then there's Helena.  Watching them continually and joining the mix when ever she can.  She loves get in the middle of what they are doing, and sometimes that actually means she walks up and stands right between them, in their way, until they have to notice her.  She copies whatever they are doing and follows them wherever they go.

Thick as thieves these three and we parents are outnumbered. 

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Adrienne said...

Cute and helpful!! That's a great combo. I loved watching the relationship between my kiddos blossom. And thicken as the years passed. There are days right now - as their lives are off in very different directions - that I have to remind myself that all they need between them is already in there...and they'll always continue to return to it. This post brought such a smile to my heart!